Saturday, April 2, 2016

When Is JUPEB Registration Form Closing?

When Is JUPEB Registration Form Closing?

JUPEB registration for this ongoing registration is still ongoing, and the interested candidates are advised to register for JUPEB early in order avoid late registration. So if you are wondering when the

Friday, April 1, 2016

University Of Lagos (Unilag) Departments Points For JUPEB 200 Level Admission

What Are The Required Points To Gain Admission Into University Of Lagos With JUPEB?

For candidates who are interested in gaining admission into Unilag ( University Of Lagos)  with JUPEB ( takes note that Unilag is the pioneer university for JUPEB) and want to know the requirement for each course from Sciences, to Social sciences and Arts. This post will help you prepared and for those who about to apply for JUPEB, this information will help you in making the right decision what course to study or apply for after being through with the programme at JUPEB centres and for those who wants to

How To Gain Admission Into 200 Level With JUPEB Through JAMB

Reality Check About JUPEB And JAMB In Nigeria

Many candidates must have thought that since they writing JUPEB examination and using it to gain admission into 200 level in Nigerian universities, writing JAMB is unnecessary anymore. We are sorry to say this, despite that you would be using JUPEB to gain admission into 200 Level, doesn't mean you won't need to write JAMB, JAMB is necessary since JUPEB board of committee and JAMB work hand in hard according to words of Prof. Bello .
So if you are searching for how to gain admission into Nigerian universities with JUPEB without JAMB, sorry JUPEB programme, might not be for you, but we advise you to read this programme on through

"You must have a school that is accredited by the board to take the examination. Universities are the ones that will accredit candidates for the examination. Interested persons must be from the accredited schools. Candidates for the examination must be properly trained and meet the minimum requirement because they will be admitted as 200 level students and must come through JAMB"
So as you can see above, JUPEB candidates must will still need to write JAMB, the only difference is that with JUPEB is taking you into 200 level.

Candidates who want to register you should that JUPEB is supervised and moderated by University Lagos ( Unilag) and and has many affiliated Universities