JUPEB Courses

JUPEB Courses And Subject Combination

Many people do us what course can someone study after being through with JUPEB programme at my favourite centre. We use to say, you can study any course of your choice with JUPEB programme. People go further to ask us, including medicine, capital YES, including Medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering. All courses as long as Nigerian universities offer them, you can study them with JUPEB after being through with the programme.

Some sample courses during JUPEB programme are:

1. Medicine

The subjects combination during medicine will be. Biology, Chemistry and Physicis plus GNS

2. Law: 

The subjects combination for Law during JUPEB programme shall be. CRS, Government, Literature in English and GNS

3. Business Administration. 

The subjects combination for the Bus. Admin during the programme are. Business Management, Accounting, Economics and GNS.

4. Engineering. 

For Engineering, the subject combination should definitely be Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and GNS.

The above courses are just example of department you can be in after being through with the programme. Take note that we said earlier, you can study any course with it. The above ones are just example of what you will come across during your intensive lecturing.

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