JUPEB Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board frequently asked questions, in which we are trying give the best possible solutions/answers to the questions and to your miseries about JUPEB

Q1. What is JUPEB?

A. JUPEB means Joint Universities Preliminary Board . It is a programme spearheaded by University of Lagos (Unilag) to give O'level graduates and those who have found JAMB difficult in using it as a means of gaining admission. So is serves as one of the best alternatives to JAMB. JUPEB takes you into 200 level of any university of your choice. For more information read What is JUPEB

Q2. Is It Only Unilag That Offers The Programme?

A. No, is not only Unilag that offers the programme, as a matter of fact about 70% of Southern Nigerian universities accept the result of JUPEB to gain admission into 200 level. JUPEB have affiliates universities, and these affiliates universities not accept the result, but they have the approval to have their own centre of JUPEB to run the programme.

Q3. Is It Only The Centre I Did programme I Can Use The Result?

A. No, you can use the result anywhere you want, even though you have done the programme somewhere else. You must have done the programme in Ilorin, and decide to use it to gain admission into University of Lagos, you have done the programme in Lagos centre and decide to use it to gain admission at Delta State University (Delsu)

Q4. Does JUPEB Result Expires?

A. JUPEB result do not expire, you can decide not to use it immediately you  are through with the programme, you might use it after ten years of having JUPEB result, three years after having it. The choice is choice.

Q5.  How Can I use JUPEB To Gain Admission Into University Of My Choice?

A. Once you are through with the programme, you will only need to combine the JUPEB result with Direct Entry form, and follow the instructions on JAMB website about the Direct Entry form. You need to be updated when Direct Entry form will be out, so that you buy your direct entry form early to avoid late registration to your best university

Q6. What Is The Duration Of JUPEB?

A . JUPEB spans 10 months of two semesters, which is 5 months for each semester. At the end of each semester, JUPEB students would write Continuous assessment test and final examination. It is these examinations that would be computed as their final examinations.

While the test is 30 marks and the examinations is 70 marks. So candidates are advised to take their continuous assessment serious not only during the examination.

Q6. Should I Go For Public Or Private JUPEB Centres?

A. That depend on you and your finances, private JUPEB centres price might be a little higher than public centres, but the method of teaching would definitely be different. So if you have the money, go for private. Our reasons being that

1. You will have less populate students for each class, wish help the lecturers to interact one to one to know the area of deficiency. 

2. Your practicals would purely be practicals, what we means that is that there would be enough laboratory equipment that would go round for students to study.
3. You have enough space in your hostels and less unnecessary distractions from other activities that are not JUPEB base.

4. Your hostels most times within the area where you are receiving lectures, so you have less stress after lectures

Disadvantage Of Private JUPEB Centres are.

1. You might not have any approve JUPEB centres in your state/area. so you might need to travel from your parents roof.

2. The lectures might be too much, since no private centres we want their candidates fail, and the only way they can do this, is by intensive lecturing and monitoring

3. You do not have much freedom like JUPEB public centres.

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  1. When is the programme going to commence this year?

  2. Gbolahan Emmanuel,
    Since JAMB. Forms come out before conclusion of JUPEB Programme. Can one :
    (1) Obtain DE JAMB Form while awaiting JUPEB result?
    (2) Obtain both UTME JAMB and DE JAMB at same time?